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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The world's first "lifestyle science" magazine

Gotta love this! So I was farting around on twitter and happened to see the famous @BoraZ post a link to a new online science magazine. Low and behold, a few science nuts decided it was time for a magazine about science that the general public would love. It has entertainment, humor, top medical's a hoot!

The description from their website:
" Guru is a brand new type of magazine – it offers you engaging articles on current affairs, news and features from a scientific slant.

Guru lets you explore the things that really matter to you: life, love, media, technology, psychology, food and stuff. It will keep you informed and entertained about what you do with your time, your life and your money.

Guru is a world first – a ‘lifestyle science’ magazine – offering you compelling content but without the ‘geek’ factor you get in a regular science publication. It’s authoritative and everything is presented in a light-hearted and fun style. More like a lifestyle magazine really…"

Seriously, it's worth checking out:


  1. Checked it out- just found your blog, love how accessible your post information feels.


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  3. Thanks for the mention - would love any one's thoughts or suggestions on issue one!! Http://